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SnowGuards Fitted Above a Conservatory

Snow can damage houses, Even here in UK!

Luckily, the conservatory below the break remained undamaged
However, it left us with the problem of accessing the area to
replace the broken gutter in an area that was very difficult
to get access to.

When this beautiful house in the English Cotswold’s
had its gutters broken by the recent heavy snow
Mayfield Roofing were called in to sort out the mess

Specialist equipment was used to safely gain
access to the damaged area.

Whilst the Cherry Picker was on site, it was decided
to fit Snow Guards to prevent future bad weather
causing the same damage ever again

Check Your Gutters In The Summer

Now we are in the middle of Summer, one of the last things
you want to think about is your roof and gutters

You may find this article on our main blog very interesting
Mayfield Roofing Blog 

If thats what you think, you are making a mistake because 
now that everything is so dry, cleaning gutters is a sinch
and it is the best time to prepare for the comming winter

NO! NO! NO! I hear you cry, let us enjoy the summer
before you get the Father Christmas outfit out of the loft

I totally agree!

I also want to enjoy the summer 

However, I am just saying that a few hours ‘Work’ now
could save yoiu days of heart-ache at the end of the year

If you have a Factory or other comercial building
It may be even more important
Please take a look at our story here
Mayfield Roofing Blog 

As always, thank you for your comments

If you live in the North of the world, you may be aware that at this time of year,
Condensation in Roof Spaces Can be A Big Problem

If you look at our website Mayfield Roofing you will see an article
on this very subject that you may find of interest,
even if you do not suffer from Condensation

For more details Follow This Link

On a recent trip to India, I noticed on construction sites
the Labourers (Most of them were usually Women!)
carried loads on their heads, in buckets or baskets.

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Build With Straw! You Know It Makes Sense!

Did you know, Straw is one of the best and most durable
building materials known to mankind?

You will get a more detailed post on our site

Straw is cheap, strong and warm; 
Fire and Earthquake Resistant
Meaning it is an excellent choice a a building material


Cannabis Growing On Vicars Roof!

When you spend you business life visiting other peoples
homes, offices and workplaces you get used to seeing
odd sites and examples of strange behaviour.

On the Mayfield roofing website I noted that they saw
Cannabis plants growing in the roof valley of a vicars house

Take a look at this picture and judge for yourself:-

If you look at the central plant, you will see the
Cannabis Growing On the Vicars Roof

for the complete story, click below to visit the website




VAT Increase January 1st 2011

If you are anything like me, you are probably sick to your back teeth
with all of all the signs outside Pubs and restaurants reminding
you to book your Christmas Party with them!

These signs appear about mid August and stay on show until 
they are replaced with the “Book Your Easter Party” with us signs
that appear about mid January.

Rather than book a lunch in three months time, I am someone
who lives in the hear and now and would rather concentrate on
today’s lunch and let tomorrow take care of it’self!

However, the here and now is fine where lunch is concerned 
but when it comes to TAX, that is a different ball game.

Take Notice; On January 1st 2011 The Rate of VAT in the UK
Will Increase from 17½% to 20%

Only 2½% you think, no big deal! 

OK if you are a tax collector but not OK if you want you house repaired

Let us suppose you are contemplating house repairs or improvements
that could cost about £5,000.00 

If you wait until “After The Christmas Party” to do the work
You will have to pay an extra £125.00 VAT 

Just small change for the likes of David Cameron or Gordon Brown 
but the Cost Of The Christmas Party for the rest of us

You get no benefit for this extra money, it is just extra TAX

If you are contemplating house repairs, DO IT NOW 
Don’t wait for the Tax Increases

Get all the details on our main website  

On our website we are always looking for Energy Saving Tips

Imagine my surprise when I read this article about using Sheep's Wool and Seaweed to build with
But when I read further, I was really pleasantly surprised to find it was true!

If you want to read it, follow this link

As always, keep dropping into our Mayfield Roofing Website to stay up to date with all green issues
Whilst researching for content to add to our blog Mayfield Roofing 

The following article came to light:-

"Are Breathable Roof Membranes Bad News For Bats?"

Not the first question everyone has on their lips
but as the building industry attempts to become more sustainable
It is a question that must be answered!

The following quote is from The Green Building Press

When bats and breathable roofing membranes come together, 

anecdotal evidence suggests it may not end well for either party.

 You can read the rest of the article here The Green Building Press – Bats

As always, you can get more details from our website Mayfield Roofing

Factory Lighting And Insulation

We get many enquiries on our main website

sometimes they are regarding Factory Lighting and insulation
Here is a brief video that may help define one solution
If you would like any more information regarding this
please feel free to use any of the contact methods on our website
Or click on the chat box popup from Roofer Roy over there >>>>>>>>>>>

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