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On a recent trip to India, I noticed on construction sites
the Labourers (Most of them were usually Women!)
carried loads on their heads, in buckets or baskets.

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Build With Straw! You Know It Makes Sense!

Did you know, Straw is one of the best and most durable
building materials known to mankind?

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Straw is cheap, strong and warm; 
Fire and Earthquake Resistant
Meaning it is an excellent choice a a building material


Cannabis Growing On Vicars Roof!

When you spend you business life visiting other peoples
homes, offices and workplaces you get used to seeing
odd sites and examples of strange behaviour.

On the Mayfield roofing website I noted that they saw
Cannabis plants growing in the roof valley of a vicars house

Take a look at this picture and judge for yourself:-

If you look at the central plant, you will see the
Cannabis Growing On the Vicars Roof

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VAT Increase January 1st 2011

If you are anything like me, you are probably sick to your back teeth
with all of all the signs outside Pubs and restaurants reminding
you to book your Christmas Party with them!

These signs appear about mid August and stay on show until 
they are replaced with the “Book Your Easter Party” with us signs
that appear about mid January.

Rather than book a lunch in three months time, I am someone
who lives in the hear and now and would rather concentrate on
today’s lunch and let tomorrow take care of it’self!

However, the here and now is fine where lunch is concerned 
but when it comes to TAX, that is a different ball game.

Take Notice; On January 1st 2011 The Rate of VAT in the UK
Will Increase from 17½% to 20%

Only 2½% you think, no big deal! 

OK if you are a tax collector but not OK if you want you house repaired

Let us suppose you are contemplating house repairs or improvements
that could cost about £5,000.00 

If you wait until “After The Christmas Party” to do the work
You will have to pay an extra £125.00 VAT 

Just small change for the likes of David Cameron or Gordon Brown 
but the Cost Of The Christmas Party for the rest of us

You get no benefit for this extra money, it is just extra TAX

If you are contemplating house repairs, DO IT NOW 
Don’t wait for the Tax Increases

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Imagine my surprise when I read this article about using Sheep's Wool and Seaweed to build with
But when I read further, I was really pleasantly surprised to find it was true!

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Whilst researching for content to add to our blog Mayfield Roofing 
The following article came to light:-

"Are Breathable Roof Membranes Bad News For Bats?"

Not the first question everyone has on their lips
but as the building industry attempts to become more sustainable
It is a question that must be answered!

The following quote is from The Green Building Press

When bats and breathable roofing membranes come together, 

anecdotal evidence suggests it may not end well for either party.

 You can read the rest of the article here The Green Building Press – Bats

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Factory Lighting And Insulation

We get many enquiries on our main website

sometimes they are regarding Factory Lighting and insulation
Here is a brief video that may help define one solution
If you would like any more information regarding this
please feel free to use any of the contact methods on our website
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Discover Permanent Cure for Leaking Gutters?

Factory Owners Frequently call on Mayfield Roofing to Provide Free Impartial Advice on Leaking Roofs.

One Major Problem we repeatedly encounter
with Factory Roofs is that of
Leaking Valley Gutters

To replace a Valley Gutter is a huge expense and very disrupting to the users of the building
The frequent “Cure” that is often attempted is to coat the gutter with the latest liquid miracle treatment.
Sometimes these remedial treatments contain added elements like “Glass Fibre Reinforcement”

This type of restorative cure works fine in the laboratory but unfortunately, in the real world,

gutters can be dirty and damp. However many times you clean the area, the wet stops the coating from adhering.
Other failed treatments we frequently have to remove from leaking valleys are the sheets of things like roofing felt, bonded with bitumen.
These fail for the same reasons as the coating options and the added problem
that if you apply enough heat to make the felt stick, you will probably set fire to the building!

The only effective treatment we know can stand the test of time
is the relatively inexpensive
Plygene Gutterline System manufactured by
H D Sharman of High Peak Derbyshire

This video explains the ingenious system

“Gutterline STOPS gutters leaking

Easily. Efficiently. Cost Effectively. And Permanently!”

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“Who Doesn’t Like Flat Roofs?”

Some folks say, “Flat Roofs are No Good,
They Always Leak!”

How Wrong can They Be?

Like anything else in this world;

If your flat roof is Correctly designed,
With Adequate Allowance for Movement,
Skilfully fitted by Experienced Tradespeople,
Has Careful attention to the edge details and
Is Constructed using the best Materials

It should last 30 or 40 years

Here are a few of Our Recent Projects:

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and Turn your Speakers Up!

Old Wriggly Cement Roofs?

There was a time when it was fashionable to fit wriggly cement asbestos sheets to the roofs of sheds, out buildings and garages.
This was mainly because it was just about the cheapest covering that was available.
It looked unsightly when it was new and soon deteriorated to become an eyesore.

So what do you do, if you have one of these roofs now?


There are a few options open to you

You can replace it with modern plastic coated steel.


Probably the most cost effective solution is to overclad it with steel sheets

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