Thank you for your order to carry out a Roof and Gutter survey of your house.  No defects were discovered that require urgent attention, however we located a few flaws.  Set out below are the results of our survey together with our recommendations.

Your roof has a covering of natural slates with lead lined valleys and clay ridge tiles.  For ease of identification, I will separate the main house from the ‘shop’ at the eastern of you property.  All areas were in a generally good condition.


Roof Survey 01

To the central area of The House Roof, several of the lead valleys have been replaced in recent years and they are all in good condition.  There was some silting of these valleys but this has all been cleared away.

There are two roof-lights that each consist of a single pane of glass screwed to the roof.
To better maintain the house insulation and improve your security,
these should be replaced with Velux windows at some time.

Both these sloping valleys were re-leaded in recent years.
These valleys were all cleaned out thoroughly

The Four Chimney stacks are all in good order

Where Your House Main Roof  joins The Granny Annex to the East Side, the valley has been repaired, this suggest it has leaked in the past.  If the leak persists, we recommend that this valley should be lined with ‘Bonded Rubber Roofing.’

The cast iron gutter above this valley was leaking but we have sealed the joints.  However, the support brackets have rusted away.  This will eventually allow the gutter to collapse.  We recommend that the gutter is replaced with a DeepFlo uPVC system, when the need arises.  This will be far more economical than trying to repair the Cast Iron.

Rainwater Pipes Replaced

The leaking rainwater pipes have been replaced in these areas.

There are three areas of concern in the vicinity of the flat roof behind The Granny Annex.  These are the flat roof covering; the slated slope and the door onto the flat roof.

The flat roof felt covering has been replaced recently but the attention to detail is very poor.  The felt is loose at all of the upstand details and is not dressed into a brickwork chase.

Coping stone is cracked and no attempt was made to repair it. Any of these defects could allow leakage.

To the Slated Slope, we replaced all the missing and badly broken slates.  However, there isn’t any ‘overhang’ at the side of this slope.  This is causing the wall to be damp!

There is no cover flashing to the flat roof below this window!

The door onto the flat roof, is an internal door, fitted externally.  The result is that the door has rotted, is falling apart and could be penetrated with very little effort.

To preserve your security, we recommend that the door should be replaced with an external quality door or the doorway bricked up; perhaps with a small window above.  Whatever you decide, we will be happy to tender for this work.

The two remaining areas of roof not yet mentioned are your front porch and the conservatory.  The gutter to the front porch is falling apart and should be replaced when other work is being carried out.  There are no problems with its roof, or the roof to the conservatory although the latter will need its gutter cleared out on an annual program.

To summarise our survey report, your roof is generally in very good condition.  However, the following items will need some attention in due course.

1)   The two glass rooflights replaced with Velux windows

2)   The felted flat roof needs to be finished!

3)   Valley between the shop and house will one day need to be lined with Rubber Roofing

4)   Gutter above The Flat Roof, extending across the back of the house should be replaced with DeepFlo uPVC

5)   The door to the flat roof must be replaced or bricked up

6)   Slate slope to rear of shop needs an overhang

7)   The front porch gutter will need to be replaced

As mentioned earlier, none of this work is urgent. However, if  you  would  like  us  to  prepare  a quotation for any of the work required; we will be happy to do so.

Assuring you of our best attention.

Yours sincerely