Factory Owners Frequently call on Mayfield Roofing to Provide Free Impartial Advice on Leaking Roofs.

One Major Problem we repeatedly encounter
with Factory Roofs is that of
Leaking Valley Gutters

To replace a Valley Gutter is a huge expense and very disrupting to the users of the building
The frequent “Cure” that is often attempted is to coat the gutter with the latest liquid miracle treatment.
Sometimes these remedial treatments contain added elements like “Glass Fibre Reinforcement”

This type of restorative cure works fine in the laboratory but unfortunately, in the real world,

gutters can be dirty and damp. However many times you clean the area, the wet stops the coating from adhering.
Other failed treatments we frequently have to remove from leaking valleys are the sheets of things like roofing felt, bonded with bitumen.
These fail for the same reasons as the coating options and the added problem
that if you apply enough heat to make the felt stick, you will probably set fire to the building!

The only effective treatment we know can stand the test of time
is the relatively inexpensive
Plygene Gutterline System manufactured by
H D Sharman of High Peak Derbyshire

This video explains the ingenious system

“Gutterline STOPS gutters leaking

Easily. Efficiently. Cost Effectively. And Permanently!”

For more details Click This Link

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